Tail Feathers

I can hardly believe how quickly our duck is growing.  No idea if he is a he or a she – but

“it” is sprouting tail feathers.  Finally! The chicks have their wing feathers and are growing body feathers, but the duck had, so far, no adult feathers at all.  Not a motivated individual, I guess.  Ducky is HUGE, though, and getting huger by the day.  So far, adding video has defeated me.  Once someone shows me how to do THAT from my new Tablet, you can watch Ducky go crazy on water, food, fingers.

Today is possibly the day for the move outside.  Depends on how hard I work on pressure washing most of the entire property to get ready for painting, staining, and, in the poultry’s case, having a fresh coop to move them into.



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