A Ladder and Fresh Hay

As hoped, I got all the poultry moved around in the back yard like I want them. The old hens are rousted from the coop, but they still have their laying box and it is underneath a wood and wire box.  One of the hens already layed an egg in the box today. Here’s a picture of it:


I knew the Auracanas were smart, but that is pretty quick work to figure out where to be!

I also made a stepladder for the hens to go roost in the tree.  Hard to tell how many days it will take them to figure that out.  I put chicken feed on each step to entice them to climb higher.  Excelsior, as Kurt Vonnegut’s character exclaimed.  Here’s a picture of that:


The tiny babies are tired of that tub and the Red Leghorns (“boy, I say BOY…”) kept jumping on the ledge of the tub and also jumping out.  It was time to move them.  Here is a picture of their new digs:


Hopefully, they will stay warm and not get lost under all that hay!  Rest assured, I’ll check on them last and first thing.

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