58 Hours In

58 hours in, the 4 chicks and a duckling are thriving in our original washtub (which we call a bucket in the blog title – just in case you didn’t make the connection).  

Special thanks to honorary chicken grandpa Bill K. for encouraging me to write about our latest diversion, by the way!  You can read serious news ANYwhere – this is just chicken talk. 

I got the feeling that they wanted me to turn down the heat lamp – they were huddling as far from the lamp as possible. The temperature today reached into the 70’s. Perfect Spring weather. Because it was so nice, we went on a field trip outside the shed. 

I cleaned out the pine shavings while we were out there. After all, we bought a HUGE bag of it – may as well use it. We think they’ll stay in the tub for a few weeks, but then we will move out the old hens and let the new kids take over the block. 

Name possibilities so far: ChickBonk (cuz one of them is bite-y like Jacob’s kitty WonkBonk), Pippin (for the duck), Boston (for the duck), Fiorello (for the duck). We are waiting for personalities to emerge for the other three chicks to find names. 

Any ideas?