Our Silver-Laced Wyandotte hen died yesterday.  She had been in the nesting box when I went out to get eggs the evening before, which was odd.  I told her at the time that I was taking the eggs because I did not want her to get broody.  They will do that if we leave eggs in there for a few days; instinctively they want to hatch the eggs that are there.  At the time, she was warm and calm.  They are always calm at night time.

The next morning when I went to open the coop, she was in the nest box still, but her head drooped over the edge – eyes closed, unresponsive, cold

I double-bagged the body and disposed of it (her), with little ceremony but with respect.  The other three hens seem healthy and do not show signs of missing her.

I’m sorry, little chicken, I hope your life with us was ok.  I hope you are in a happy place.


a word about insulation: seriously, our chickens think that the foam insulation i put in the coop a month or two ago will keep them warmer IN their bodies rather than sandwiched in the walls.

maybe i shouldn’t have used the word “sandwich” when i described the winterizing chore to the chooks. they got hungry, i guess.

so, now, the winter wind whistles through the gaps in the cedar fence and then gently flaps the scraps of foil (that used to cover the insulation) inside the coop.

they seem to be warm – so i’m not gonna worry about it.

Happy New Year!