Ratty Four upgraded to Fair Four

This is what the Ratty Four looked like after I sprayed them off and put them in the coop.  4 days ago now.  Kinda rough.  And I bet the very kind farmers at the Mennonite Fowl Sale ( see Fowl Sale) were gently smirking at my purchases.  Cuz what do I know about bird quality???

Ratty 4 Picture

Here is what they look like NOW.  Much better.  At least drier looking, anyway.  It turns out that the gold-ish one, even though she is the fattest, isn’t in charge.  The pecking order starts with the big white one; she is just crabby.  Maybe it’s the heat.  The two smaller while ones flecked with black just try to stay out of the way of both the bigger hens.  I don’t blame them.

Fair Four Picture

Fair Four is a dumb name so don’t expect me to call them this next time.  You gotta keep up; the times keep changing.