A Little Respect, Please (said the chickens)

Remember when I said that the chickens hadn’t been laying? Except they HAD, and I just was not looking in the right place for the eggs?  I found that they had layed 2 dozen eggs behind an old piece of OSB board that leaned against the cedar fence.  The nest box, in the coop, had remained empty all winter.  I, frankly, was ready to give those stupid hens away through Craigslist – “come take these useless hens; free or best offer”.

After I rescued the 2 dozen eggs (we have not tried them yet, so we also do not have salmonella yet.  Just kidding.  Not about the salmonella, though.  Or trying them. But we WILL try them; #notafraid), I cleaned all the old winter hay out of the coop and nest box.  I always buy straw bales from an old fella that lives in Wichita – he has a small red barn right next to his house.  He or someone for him stocks straw bales in there; it is rarely empty when I drive by.  It is a self-serve barn.  Take a bale.  Put $6 through the mail slot next to the front door.  I only met him once when he was out tending his tomato plants.  He is one of those guys who is living history.  I would love to sit and talk with him for an hour or so over coffee with a tape recorder running. [side note – I am thinking of starting a podcast with interviews of friends who qualify as living history of our area]

Turns out all our two sweet hens wanted was some clean hay to lay eggs in.  After all, no one wants to bring a baby into a place that is not clean and safe.

So, sorry about that, girls.  My bad.  I will be more careful to keep things clean and welcoming for you.  It is the least I can do.