New Hens – new world

We have moved the new chickens in!!!

I am happy to say that the original five hens we had have been transplanted to a farm out in Cheney, with friends of ours.  They have a low-stress life filled with a menagerie of animals: peacocks and peahens, dogs, cats, turkeys, ducks, chickens, and something called a turken or duckery, or duckern, or something like that.  It’s a mix of a bunch of birds.

Anyway – we have 4 lovely young pullets in the back yard now.  Two Rhode Island Reds, and two something else I have to look up again to make sure about.  They are all brown and tan and will lay brown eggs.

Ethan is home from Germany – he said he doesn’t mind going out there to check on them everyday, and Ang is good about looking in on them, too.  It’s nice to have some action back there in the backyard again.  We gave away the original 5 about a month ago, and we had to let Kenzie slip into dogheaven a few weeks ago.  Poor little guy – not healthy and not fixable.

VIDEO TO FOLLOW!!!  “PULLETS OUST HENS IN FOWL TAKEOVER!!”  Sure to be a hit on all the news cycles.

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