Baby chicks aren’t babies anymore!!

Our neighbors, who also now have a chicken coop, are raising one or two hens for us along with their crop (didja get that pun? it’s early in the post for them) of chicks.  They’ve BUILT their coop, and MOVED their chicks into the coop!  I went over during the construction phase, but haven’t been to see the finished product.  They chicks have mostly sprouted feathers, and have outgrown the box they started in.  Also, my neighbors report, their “odor” has outgrown the basement – especially with the heat lamp providing lots of, well, heat, to make all that ‘chicken’ more aromatic.  So it was time to move them.

As a matter of fact, I remember 2 years ago when we moved ours out, it was right around Easter.

Anyway, it is ALMOST TIME to move 2 new chicks/pullets into our posh quarters.  I wonder what the adults will do?

Hope they welcome them with open wings!

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