So much more than “same-old-same-old”

So I get a question now and then about why I never post anything to the “Chickens in a Bucket” blog anymore. ‘Well,’ I say, either scratching my beardy stubble or scuffing my foot, ‘the chickens don’t do anything INTERESTING anymore. They just scratch around, eat food, drink water, and lay eggs.’

But that really is true of ALL of us, isn’t it? If you take out the things we do during the day that give our lives meaning.  If you take away my trip to Oshkosh, Angie’s work with seniors at the gym (ask her sometime about the MULTIPLE people she has trained that no longer need surgery because of her), our kids’ summer projects, jobs, goals, accomplishments – then all WE did all summer was eat, sleep, earn and spend money.

These faithful, trusting, dependable chickens are friendly every day we go out there.  They lay eggs as often as their little bodies can make them.  They never hold out for better food or more bugs or more time out of the coop.  They never fuss about how hot it was for 28 days in a row.  They never gripe about the hay in their water.

Five ordinary hens – exhibiting extraordinary dedication and zeal to living to the fullest of what life has to offer them.

I read a blog just a few minutes ago from a friend who is in remission from cancer; determined to joyfully pursue her bucket list.  She wants the list complete before the cancer has a chance to come back.  If SHE can blog about life-changing stuff, then surely I can tell you that our chickens are still happy.

Even crooked-beak Steve.  All five of the “backyard gang of 5” are the best there is – at least in our little world at the end of the street in the middle of the Great Plains.

3 comments on “So much more than “same-old-same-old”

  1. Cindy says:

    Well it’s about time Mister!!! I thinkin’ you didn’t even have chickens anymore!! 😉


  2. Cindy says:

    oops—was thinkin’


  3. kenlocke says:

    i KNEW you’d be wondering! 🙂


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