No new brothers and sisters for the “Gang of Five”

I’ve decided that we are going to have to withstand the temptation of the new little chicks at Tractor Supply this year. I want to get a few Auracanas, or Amuaricanas, just to spice things up. They supposedly lay a ‘rainbow-colored’ egg. But I’ve yet to see one. City ordinance limits a “domicile” to no more than 6 hens, and we already have 5. I’d hate to add just one little chick, because of the loneliness factor, and that would put us in VIOLATION of city ordinance. Which, honestly, wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except if I am going to fight City Hall, it’s not gonna be on that hill. I’d much rather tussle with them over trash hauling, or sewage rates (who’s gonna gripe about paying someone to flush poop away?), or even whether I should park my trailer in the yard or beside the yard or on the street or in the driveway.

But, see, in the world of us chicken farmers, every little dollar counts. And if we go buy some of those rainbow egg layers, then we gotta go buy chick starter/crumble. We gotta go buy chick-sized oyster shell. We gotta get the tub out of the shed and set it up in the laundry room again. We gotta set up the heat lamp again. We gotta get the sawdust out again. The water thingy again. We gotta name ‘em. We gotta make more chickerchiefs for them. Wait a minute; I think I am talking us back into buying some baby chicks. I better stop trying to convince ourselves that this isn’t a moneymaker.

The chickens helped me roto-till the garden the other day. It’s warm enough in south-central Kansas to get the garden ready, and I’ve been throwing the winter’s poop-laden hay on the garden plot. I figure as long as that stuff is under the soil, it will eventually help the ground. In Papua New Guinea, we’d say, “long mekim giraun kirap nogut na givim strong igo long ol plant”. Or something close to that – “klostu liklik ol toktok bilong ol gaden”. Mipela no inap ‘expert’ tasol mipela igat sampela save long groim ol gaden plant nabaut”. What I mean to say is, “We aren’t garden experts but we have some knowledge about how to grow stuff in the gardens”.

Anyway, good help is hard to find, but our Gang of Five are quality help. They are always happy to go the extra mile to get any loose bugs, or seeds, or earthy morsels cleaned up just for us. I wonder if they could use a couple more helpers?