No More Cliffhangers!

I was asked, almost begged, really, to end the suffering of my readership regarding the winterizing experiment.  “You installed the water system and we still don’t know how it turned out! It’s a CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!”

So, being the man of mercy and justice that I am (even though I OCCASIONALLY tinge my conversation with sarcasm), I am answering the cry of the people.  I will hereby reveal all NEXT, on “Chicken Hardcopy”.  (Make that big “bwoowowow” sound in your head like on that show – and if you don’t know what that sound is, maybe you could find an old “Hardcopy” on and listen to the opening. But that’s just an idea)

All 5 chickens are alive and healthy!  They are totally fluffy and walk around the yard with their feathers all puffed up – they look great.  Of course, they are eating like there’s no tomorrow (PROOF that there is genetic transference between owner/wrangler and chicken).  But we collect 5 eggs a day almost every day; there are 1-2 days a week that we get only 4 eggs.


Just plain tired


Seriously, this little egg above is the size of a robin’s egg.  I wonder if it was from the hen I found in the dog pen.  I usually shut the dog pen gate when the girls are running around because they will go and scruff up all the hay that Kenzie (the dog) has shaped to sleep in.  Otherwise, he has to reshape the hay before he can lie (lay?) down at night.  I think maybe that hen was just too traumatized to make a full size egg when she was trapped in the dog pen late that day.  I put her away in the coop when I went out around 11 pm.

Ok – so…  to recap:  Water system working famously, chubby chickens are happily laying eggs, and insulation is working out pretty well.  Although every exposed piece of insulation, which is all the foam kind, seems pretty tasty to them.  They are worse with that stuff than they were with the yoga block!



2 comments on “No More Cliffhangers!

  1. cindy smith says:

    YES! I’m seriously one of those that have been hanging off the cliff!!!! I’m relieved to know that all is well with the girls!!!!! Don’t keep us waiting so long next time! Sincerely—one of your faithful followers! =)


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