Because I hate to add costs to the “price per egg” page, I have been avoiding a necessary purchase.  I should have known from the beginning that we would need some type of “keep the water from freezing in the winter” system.  When we got our chicks, we bought just a one quart bottle for them to drink out of when they actually lived in the laundry room in the original tub.  At the time I bought the 3 gallon self-waterer, I should have just spent the $10 extra dollars to get the “double-walled metal self-watering system”.  But didn’t.

I saw what I needed at my beloved Tractor Supply Corp., but didn’t want to buy the water thing and the heating element thing.  Both items totalled around $90, which would definitely push the price per egg up.  You can’t save the planet if you are always out spending money on junk.  On the other hand, you can’t live on wishes and whatever the rest of that saying is, either.

Good old  I found an entry in the “garden and farm” section (by searching for “chicken water”) that listed a bunch of stuff in a shed that the people were getting rid of because they were moving back into town.  The entry said I could email or text about any of the items.  I texted that I was interested in the chicken water stuff and would it work for my small flock of 5 hens? A few days passed without an answer so I was ready to go plunk down my cash at Tractor Supply.  I got a text back before I had to make a decision, though, and the person said, in essence, ‘yes, it’ll work, $40 for the pair of things’.  We set up a tentative meet in McPherson at “mid-“something at the second stop light.  I would text before leaving to confirm a “9-ish” a.m. meeting to get the stuff.

At some point AFTER setting up the meet, but BEFORE sending the ‘confirm’ text, I erased all my texts (because of that pesky 21st century “keep up with the Jones” equivalent; low storage space).  I didn’t MEAN to erase them all; I was probably driving somewhere and trying to keep 1/2 an eye on the road!  No, really, just kidding; I was at work on a break but talking with my people while ‘managing’ my phone.

So, I didn’t have the farmer’s number anymore, I only remembered “mid”-something at the 2nd stop light, and a 9-ish meeting time.  I drove up there anyway, only to find that “mid” something is Midway Motors – several hundred cars on the lot, and surely 50-100 employees inside.  I drove to the back and asked a couple of mechanics who were on a smoke break – it went something like this:

“Hey, do you know anyone who works here who is selling chicken watering stuff?”  “What kind of stuff?”  “Chicken watering stuff, like from a farm.  They said they were emptying out a shed and had a bunch of stuff in it.”  “Well, you might try Cliff, in the service department.”

Service desk – at least 5 guys back there who looked busy.  They were really nice when I presented my story to them, but Cliff, who was right there, knew nothing about it.  Turns out there are TWO Cliffs.  Nope. The 2nd one didn’t know anything about it either.  But, one guy called around to a few phone extensions and actually found the farmer.

SHE – yes, the farmer was a she – came down and had the chicken watering stuff, showed me how to use it, and the whole trip turned out well.  Pretty funny, though.  My Dad (a true planner) would’ve had a cow.  But he wouldn’t’ve been buying chicken watering stuff anyway, because he had his fill of chicken coops and houses when he was growing up.

I might just gently suggest to you, though, that you finalize the transaction details before you delete any text messages pertaining to said transaction.  Hey – no charge for that; I’m just passing wisdom along. Payin’ it forward. Savin’ the planet, one text at a time.


2 comments on “Winterizing

  1. Michelle says:

    Ken, I have a visual of you in your Halloween garb approaching the McPherson locals and asking for “chicken watering stuff.” I salute you! Chickies will be happy!


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