Finally.  Back home and sort of in control of my surroundings again, even though it’s always kind of a rowdy ride these days.  Both boys leave for college this week – awesome AND scary AND teary AND satisfying (all at once).

While I was away in Wisconsin learning the ways of the masters of air traffic, our little chickens just launched themselves right into adulthood and gainful employment without me.  Their first day of each of them laying an egg was nearly 2 weeks ago already!  Angie was here to see it and writes, “It’s a RECORD DAY!” on our official Egg Tracker piece of paper.  Some of her other notes:  “One is speckled!”,  “one on the floor, dirty”, “one on ground”, “one double yolk!!!!”.  Note the 4 exclamation marks; she was pretty excited about that ( and who WOULDN’T be?)

They have a good thing going now.  It’s a thriving business!  We actually gave our first 1/2 dozen away to my mom and dad the other day.

Saving the planet, one egg at a time.