The Glory of the 2nd Egg

Oh, sure, everyone remembers the very first “thing”, whatever that may be.  We all remember our first car, our first beer (or ROOT beer – for my teetotalling friends), and on and on.  Who really keeps in mind the second of stuff?  Who was second place when Michael Phelps won the 100 fly in Beijing?  Who was the 2nd person to walk on the moon?  Ummmm,  who won the silver medal in the 1968 olympic marathon?  Ok, we don’t know who was FIRST in that one.  But anyway, that all just serves to prove my point.  We keep track of winners, but a winning TEAM is made up of many workers, or players, or, in our case, hens.

Like the tides that faithfully come in and out, egg number two showed up with 24 hours of our first tiny little egg.  Sing along with me… “the incredible, edible egg…”  Any one else old enough to have that jingle stuck in his ( or her) head?

Fact:  Egg #1 was perfectly oval-shaped, small, and a tannish slant ocherish slant burnt umber color.

Fact:  Egg #2 was oval, but with a distinctly chubbier fat end to it.  It was clearly a shade darker than egg #1.

Fact:  Both eggs were found in the farthest right (or north) roosting box.

Fact:  Black Bears are the best bear.  Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.  (another sing along… “one of these things is not like the other, three of these things are kinda the same…”)

We will never know if more than one hen is already laying.  I think there are two, although only the size difference in eggs helps me conclude that.  All the pictures above are only of egg #1.  That’s ok; there’s always tomorrow for me to go out and take more egg pictures.  “Still Life With Egg”.  Van Gogh’s undiscovered portfolio.

We are crazy excited that the hens are into this stage!  We exult in this small triumph of our little yard against the machine.  And even if the machine ultimately grinds us down into powder, TODAY we win.  TODAY we claim a part of our dream realized.  TODAY we look to the sunset with hope.