The Bug Menace

I could just tell this morning that the chickens weren’t going to put up with any flack from the mother nature lover’s of our back yard.  I went out – first towards the dog pen to let Kenzie out; he gets his feelings hurt otherwise (afterall, I think he thinks, he’s been here over 10 years! He deserves first freedom) and then walked with him over to the chicken pen.  They clucked in slow motion at me as I arrived.  Slow motion clucking is like one long drawn out “cluuuuuuuuuuuck” or “brawwwwwwwwwwk”, instead of a bunch of clucks or brawks that they repeat quickly.  I opened the door to the coop, and purposely sat in most of the doorway to see if they’d wander past me or wait until I left.  They weren’t scared at all of me or of Kenzie, and they walked right by us to open ground before they did their “take off and fly” routine.  When they do that ‘fly a few beats and run at the same time’ thing, it LOOKS like how it must FEEL when I get up off the couch (after watching, say, 4 hours of Tour de France) and stretch my arms above my head before I dash up the basement stairs to see if there is any new chow in the refrigerator.

As far as the bug menace goes, I don’t notice a visible bug population in our yard.  But something about the manner of the girls this morning was just … predatory.  They stalked and searched and sniffed (chickens can smell, right) and lurked and hulked.  If any bugs had thought about moving around the gardens, that thought got scared right out of their idiot little exoskeletal brains, cuz them chickens were on the PROWL.  I could feel it.  Like Californians can feel an earthquake comin’.  Like Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz: “it’s a twister paw! git to the cellar!”.  Or whatEVER they say in that blame fool movie that’s half black and white and half color.

For the first time, I strew some bird seed on the ground in a short line for them to peck at in the grass.  Strew? some other tense of strewn?  The same as threw, but with a ‘farming air’ to it? Similar to sow, sown, sowed, except in an animal husbandry way and not a Johnny Appleseed way?  There is a better word for the way I broadcast that seed for them, but it is stuck in the Little House on the Prairie books, which I didn’t read that carefully.

Oh, and last night, they all lined up on the SOUTH end of the roost; the north end was dead to them. D-E-D.  So go figure that out.

No eggs yet; could be any second.  I will be sure to share a picture of our very first egg; we will love that little lifeless orb, no matter what it looks like.