Chickens inspecting the dog pen

Just when I thought there was order, routine, sanity, and precision in our backyard.  I went out last night, as is my wont (which means “my habit, or usual routine”, not a misspelling of ‘want’ or won’t’) to see that all the animals were safely in their places for the night.  Kenzie the dog does NOT like fireworks, so I give him a little extra attention to keep him loved and feeling safe.  We let him hang out in the shed the next few nights, because it has thicker walls and will insulate him from the sounds of the firecrackers better.  Lots of veterans do that too.  Remember “Born On The 4th Of July”?  We try to keep Kenzie’s flashbacks to a minimum.

Yeah, so the loss of order – that’s where I started.  The chickens, who I ASSURED you (from the results of my scientific study) always lined up the same way were in a different pattern.  This time, it was a Barred Rock, 2 RIR’s (do ya get that abbreviation?), another BR (how about THAT one?), and then the last RIR.  What does THAT mean to my life of order?!?!

I’m gonna go with this answer.  I now believe they are merely exhibiting good manners and taking turns getting to sleep by the wall.  Maybe the wall has the most secure feel.  Maybe the end has the least secure feel.  Maybe it’s like when you go to a movie with a bunch of friends and can’t decide who you simply HAVE to sit between.  I now say they all love each other, in a chicken way.  The best way to show that love is to share it equally.  Remember “The Scarlet Pimpernel” (the movie, with Jane Seymour)?  He says something like “I love you; would you have me do so… stintingly?”  (which means grudgingly or tight-fistedly).  I think these five girls love each other unstintingly – and that’s why it’s ok to switch the sleeping arrangements around at night.

Scientists don’t mind being wrong; especially if it’s in the name of love.