No More Happy Meals

The girls aren’t full with the happy meal anymore.  You may have seen the little metal feeder we started with.  If not, go to the photo page and look at it in the tub (our original bucket!), and notice that it held PLENTY of food for our little chicas to eat.  It held at LEAST two days worth of food (back in bucket times).  Four days ago, and again three days ago, when I went out in the morning to see how the night had gone, this sweet little tin feeder had been abused, done wrong, emptied, wrung out, kicked aside, discarded, rejected.  As slow as I am on the uptake, the second morning it happened I realized they just plain weren’t happy with their food delivery system.  They blamed me.  I could tell.  (this is a perfect place to say, ‘they looked askance’ at me, but I hesitate – cuz it’s not a word we all use very often.  It means ‘they looked at me with judgment and/or skepticism’).

Since we are happy to throw money at our little charges to please them and make their lives more complete, I toddled off to Tractor Supply Corporation (still my favorite store), bought not only more feed (they’d eaten a whole bag already! *sniff*), but a ‘big girl’ feeder.  This feeder is good for up to 15 birds (maybe next year), and can hold several days of feed in it.  I put it out there on a cinder block so they don’t scratch hay and sawdust into it.

They love it.  I think they love me no matter what; that is, I didn’t buy any more love by getting them a big feeder.  I don’t think they mind getting a full-size meal, even if it means they don’t get the toy in the drive-thru anymore.  They got bored with the toys quickly, anyway, and sometimes, those toys were stupid.  Like who really ever wanted more than Aladdin and Jasmine?  Why would we want ALL the supporting cast of the ENTIRE movie?  Ok, I can see the Genie, maybe even Jafar, but the dad, the other dumb princes, the monkey, the rug?  No.  And that’s what our chickens thought, too.

Just feed us more than this little tin thing!  It only holds half a day of food!  We are gonna fill it with scratchy stuff to register our displeasure!  You need to change our living conditions! We aren’t happy!  We are fussy!  (I bet they didn’t ‘verbalize’ most of this consciously, but it was loud and clear to us just the same).

Another crisis solved, another bridge crossed, another milestone hurtles by, and we really are trying not to blink so we don’t miss anything.  They are beautiful now, and have distinctive feathering – the hanklets are off of two of them, but they each look so different we can keep them apart.

I promise pictures – (you’ll want to see the ‘cape’ on Albus).