Revisionist History

Yeah, so since the Sharpie (TM, inc., all rights reserved) has worn off of Albus’ head, we aren’t sure which RIR is which.  So we are gonna do what all good and victorious historians do; make it up. 

The little dudes are really growing now, and have spent three nights without the heat lamp on out in the coop.  I’ve put some branches in there and kind of wedged them in corners so they can climb around and act like wild reptilian ancestral birds – just like those little chicken-y dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.  You know, the ones that took chunks out of that one guy?  tiny little chunks?

Ok, that’s not the point.  The point is they are getting bigger and we are a little ‘fuzzy’ about which RIR is which.  So… Ang has bought bandannas for all five of them.  She is gonna cut them into little cowboy bandanna things and we are gonna put a color on each one so we can always keep track of them. 

The plan is then to put a scrap of the bandanna on a board that is fastened to the Bucket Coop (thanks, nancy, for suggesting we incorporate the Bucket into their coop) (plus there is a bucket list idea there, too) so anyone who visits can see who is whom (Mrs. Jacupke – is that the proper use of whom?).

We are currently in a “transitional videography” stage, so pictures are a challenge.  We have to enlist the help of either of our two still-residing scion to go out there, take a picture or two, and post them somewhere I can find them to add to this.  That will happen. Believe me.  I just may have to pay one of them to do it. 🙂

They are still supergood eaters and supergood poopers.  They are friendly when we come in and visit.  What more could we ask?