Teenage Feet

Kenzie helping me build the chicken coop

Action shot while building the coop

Angie noticed that our little chick’s feet are just plain bigger today.  As she held them, she noticed their feet took up more of her hand, and we both noticed that they have warmer feet.  They are still in the washtub with the grass mat outer wall still attached – but they are ready to get out of the laundry room.  Restless.  They flip their wings, hop around, jump over each other, scritch around in the pine shavings.

I noticed today that they all took a nap at the same time.  They lay there just like we’ve seen our exhausted teens spend a whole afternoon recuperating from whatever stuff exhausts teenagers.  I’m sure the ‘chicken experts’ (whoever they are) would disagree with us and say something like “oh, no, you’re quite mistaken.  Pullets don’t hit the equivalent of their teen years until WELL after two point five months into their full-fledged lives”.  Yeah, well, those experts can jump in a lake.  We’ve got a tub full of teens on our hands.

I spent the day out in the yard, making up a chicken coop out of weathered cedar fencing and new pine 2 x 4’s.  I loved the puzzle-ness of this backyard project – and even Angie agrees the finished product is not a bit junky or crappy – looking.  I’ve attached some pictures of the early stages of creating the chicken neighborhood.  I think I can finish it in the morning before church, and if the weather stays nice, the girls can test it out tomorrow afternoon.

We’ve named them all!  Stand by for that exciting ‘reveal’ tomorrow.  Oh, and I totally wore my overalls to Home Depot to get the wood and some other junk!  Special dispensation to wear the overalls OFF THE PROPERTY.  I was stoked.